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Kill Hill Bouldering Area

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Kill Hill has great bouldering on a pretty rough granite. All kinds of routes exist in the park ranging from slabs to cracks to face climbs. Potential for new routes abound in the park with literally thousands of boulders spread across a 25 square mile park. Many of these are the loose, scaley variety, but great rock is still being discovered.

Getting There

It is hard to give exact directions to the bouldering in Hartmans Rocks since it is very spread out; however, the locals favorite is located around the parking aread at the top of the hill. After crossing the cattleguard, you can either part the first parking area on the right or take the next right and park at the area there. The boulders at the top are pretty obvious and several routes exist. If you park at the second parking area, look down the hill towards the north-northwest, and you will see several clusters of boulders down the hill. This is another very popular area host to routes in almost every level.

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Topping out on the V3, Water Groove, a classic Hartmans highball.
[Hide Photo] Topping out on the V3, Water Groove, a classic Hartmans highball.

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[Hide Comment] Where is this area located, and what kind of stuff are we talking about? Is this all an undeveloped area with lots of room and potential (read uncleaned/unclimbed lines)? Is this area all V9+, or are there moderates? Do you need extra pads, brushes, etc.? Thanks for the help. Aug 8, 2002
[Hide Comment] Hartman's Rocks is located outside of Gunnison, Colorado. Directions to the park can be found at the first page for Hartman's Rocks on this site, and the bouldering is located at the top of the hill as the directions suggest. Climbers have been climbing here for about twenty or so years so there are many established problems, but because of the sheer number of rocks and boulders in the park, new lines can be put up daily if you are willing to do a little exploring. I am a fairly moderate climber and I totally enjoy bouldering here in the V0-V4 range; however, if you are looking for stuff harder than that there are many problems for you too. For most of the problems here, a crashpad and a spot are recommended, but I would not say required just use your good judgment. There are no regulations on chalk use or cleaning of any routes; however, since the rock can at times be scally be careful of what gets "cleaned." This is a great place to come due to free camping and local amenities all of which are described in the opening page for this area. If you see any locals out climbing, feel free to ask any questions you have about this area, the local climbing group is a pretty cool lot. Any more questions feel free... Aug 17, 2002
[Hide Comment] The bouldering here has good potential, although a visitor of the area may be better off at some of the developed areas (Lost Canyon north of town, or Skyland in CB). There is a book for these areas that you will find in town, called Bouldering in the G spot. Sep 2, 2002
[Hide Comment] Gunnison locals have informed me of a bouldering guide to Hartman's. I haven't checked it out. I would guess it is a thin paper back, and easy on the wallet. Oct 7, 2003
[Hide Comment] The bouldering guide mentioned above was put on the market by me and a buddy Michael Roper. It can be picked up at All Sports Replay and runs about 8 bucks....Let me know what you think. Mar 3, 2004
Luke Cissell
[Hide Comment] The guidebook, I thought as someone who has been climbing at Hartmans for 5+ years was very poor and not researched at all. don't waste your money. my 2 centsLuke A. Mehall Sep 20, 2004
[Hide Comment] Hartman's has a lot of potential, but the main turn off for me, is slabby Joshua Tree like rock. You won't find a lot of holds at all on anything above a 5.10. The other issue with developing Hartman's, is Taylor Canyon, Skyland and other areas towards Crested Butte offer 5 star quality rock, with great routes. I haven't checked out the guidebook on Hartman's yet, but I will this summer. Apr 16, 2005
[Hide Comment] Luke???

Who put out this guidebook? Ryan C. put one together when he was busy developing out there. This would be a very tricky area to find your way around with out good beta. Besides, stay away, who likes v2 slabs anyway?

Captain Insano and White Lightning rule. Hartman's does not contain the steady recipe for pad people success, too much effort for too little reward. A great place to wander around Erie in college and claim the 5th 1st ascent of some problem climbed 20 years ago. Apr 17, 2005
Taylor Haring
Bozeman, MT
[Hide Comment] I work at All Sport's Replay, and my boss, Andy, gave me a copy of Uknown, the bouldering guide to Hartman's. It's Terry Fisher's book and it's pretty damn extensive, it covers pretty much every route. Though a couple of my favorites aren't there, but like i said, most are there. Nov 7, 2005
evergreen , co.
[Hide Comment] Hey, Luke, sorry the guide wasn't up to your standards, you try and make one next time. To everyone, it's just a guide. Use it or don't, it was just fun to try and write down a little of bouldering history in Gunnison. May 6, 2006