Rose Hill Crag is one of several obscure rocks in the Willow Canyon/Rose Canyon Lake Area. The climbs face southeast, making the crag comfortable on chilly days. Relatively few routes and a long, but pleasant approach make it a good place to find some solitude. With a little moving around, Rose Hill and the neighboring rocks offer enough climbing for a few days.

Rose Hill Crag presently hosts climbs ranging from 5.8 to 5.10. While none are spectacular, all are worth the walk. The rock here is good, and the views to Windy Point are even better.

Getting There

From Rose Canyon Lake Campground (mp 17.3), hike around the lake to a low, stone dam at the lake's south end. From the west end of this dam, hike uphill to the south, following a faint winding trail through the forest for 10-15 minutes. This trail will bring you out onto a prominent ridge. The Willow Canyon Crags are down to your left as you walk out the ridge. Rose Hill is the first and nearest of these crags, immediately below.

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Tried to lead "The Variant" 5.7- from EFR, but the climb to the third bolt was much more difficult than 5.7-. I didn't get past the third bolt. The climb looked much easier from the fourth bolt up, but you have to get there first. May 19, 2003
Luke Bertelsen
Tucson, AZ
Luke Bertelsen   Tucson, AZ  
We climbed a fair amount of routes out here recently and I was amazed at the variability of the climbs, slab to overhanging, and the fact that I haven't heard of many people going out to Rose Hill. In my opinion it is a lot more fun than the crowded Munchkin Land. Sep 10, 2005
Further west of Rose Hill, at Willow Canyon Crags South, on Alpine Pinnacle on the route "What If It", there's a hole with a massive amount of bees towards the top of the route, and you won't see them instead they start buzzing around as you get closer..the route directly to the right, "Weekend Warriors" also runs quite close to this hole.. Oct 12, 2005
1Eric Rhicard
1Eric Rhicard   Tucson
Just for the record, most of the grades came from the first ascentionists. Something may have broken. Apr 13, 2006
jbak .
jbak .   tucson,az
Hey mr-eric-guide-book-guy, (or anyone else) which route is Willow Roof ? does it step up and right over a little bulge to get up on the slab right at the beginning ? with a short steeper section at the end ? cold shut anchors ? I was there trying to get my "ticked-guidebook-route" count up.

If this was Willow Roof, what's the route just left of that. Kind of heads for a gully then steps up on the slab ? It expanded the science of blowology to new realms. It seemed like about 5.10. I don't think it's in the guide because Willow Roof is listed as the left-most route in the guide. Apr 17, 2006
A.P.T.   Truckee,Ca
The climb left of Willow Roof is a climb I put up in 04.No it's not that great of a climb and is one of a few I put up at that time! It is called "Windy Point Destruction" 5.9 or so.The climb farther left of this climb I believe is a 5.10 that has a steep start,then is low angle slabby climbing.This climb I believe is called "Chalkless Test Monkey" and is on this Website... Willow is the 4th climb in,windy is the 5th and Monkey the 6th if more route's haven't been put up since I have been out there. Apr 17, 2006
jbak .
jbak .   tucson,az
Andy, thanks for clearing it up. Yeah, that's a bad route. A drill-bit is a terrible thing to waste !

We started up WPD thinking it might be Willow Roof (two stars). What a shock. Apr 18, 2006
Littleton, CO
Hendrixson   Littleton, CO
Based on a day of climbing at this crag and the discussion above, I updated the routes and descriptions. Please correct any errors.

Actions taken:
  • Deleted 'Unknown' as it described Willow Roof. The ratings and comments were transferred. Updated the route description for Willow Roof.
  • Updated the description for windy/point/destruction. I additionally gave it a grade based on the consensus.
Apr 13, 2015