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Romper Room

Nevada > Southern Nevada > Red Rocks > (14) First Creek Canyon
Warning Access Issue: Red Rock RAIN AND WET ROCK: The sandstone is fragile and is very easily damaged when wet. DetailsDrop down


Romper Room features at least six (5.4 to 5.7+) single pitch trad routes. Descend most routes by rappelling from anchors, some descents require two ropes. This area faces north east and can get morning sun.

Getting There

Approach as per Lotta Balls Wall, heading up the First Creek Canyon Trail to the mouth of the canyon where the trail forks. Take the left-hand trail that climbs the broad hillside on the south side of the canyon to the base of Lotta Balls. Once there, traverse right along the terrace, past the recessed alcove (Alcohol Wall), to the rectangular patch of black rock. This is the right end of Romper Room.

Routes from Left to Right

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This is the fork you turn at for the easy approach to the romper room. There is a steep-ish well maintained climbers trail that heads up this spine. (Photo taken June, 2020)
[Hide Photo] This is the fork you turn at for the easy approach to the romper room. There is a steep-ish well maintained climbers trail that heads up this spine. (Photo taken June, 2020)
Doobie Dance
[Hide Photo] Doobie Dance
Romper Room
[Hide Photo] Romper Room

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Salt Lake City, Utah
[Hide Comment] Excellent area for super moderate trad climbs or climbers learning to place gear! Nov 17, 2006
Brian Hench
Costa Mesa, CA
[Hide Comment] The terrace ledge is pretty exposed. Beginners might find it rather uncomfortable. Another way to approach Romper Room is to go up a the canyon a little further than the Lotta Balls fork. Head up a red dirt slope to a bushy ledge and take that left to Romper Room. Mar 16, 2009
[Hide Comment] There is a substantial and very active bee hive right at the base of Algae on Parade as of 5/29/2010 at the right edge of the Romper Room Area. They were there when I climbed Doobie Dance to the left of it earlier this year, and they didn't bother us. We hoped to do Algae on Parade today, and hoped they would be gone (they weren't). It kills climbing on Algae on Parade, but the other routes should still be ok if you don't get them excited. May 29, 2010
[Hide Comment] Spent our first day at Red Rock here. Did every climb... GREAT place to get introduced to climbing here. All the routes are awesome. Had to traverse into Algae on Parade to avoid the dreaded hive... Oct 19, 2010
[Hide Comment] Having spent a few days at this cliff over the last 2 years and performed several rescues on the easiest rated routes in the area, I have to say:


Slick rock, traverses, awkward slopey grey rock movement, some hollow rock, lack of continuous cracks to take gear on the 5.4-.5s-let's just say that rescuing newbies can be a drag. Leaders setting up TRs will find this a fine spot to teach new climbers, but first time leads? Go over to Physical Graffitti or another spot more suited to positive stances from which to place gear and continuous cracks.

One guy's opinion. Apr 24, 2012
Laura Maples
Leavenworth, BC
[Hide Comment] I agree it's a bit stiff for a first time leader. If you are new to RR and trad climbing check out the Fun Climbs Red Rocks guidebook for more beginner savvy grading than some of the other guidebooks. There are a few easier confidence builders over at Panty Wall, Solar Slab Gully or Icebox canyon you might want to start on then head this way. Nov 25, 2017
Sonu C
Ogden, UT
[Hide Comment] I don't recommend the approach described above. The ledge to the right of Lotta Balls is very exposed. An easier way is to continue down the trail until you're a little past romper room (the distinct black square on the wall). When the trail turns reddish, start looking for a path up the hill. It's an easy hike from there. Jan 5, 2024