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The Black Corridor

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Warning Access Issue: Red Rock RAIN AND WET ROCK: The sandstone is fragile and is very easily damaged when wet. DetailsDrop down


The Black Corridor is an extremely popular area for 5.9-5.10 sport climbing. Usually shady apart from midday when the sun shines directly down into the corridor, this area tends to have it's own micro climate and is sheltered from the wind and climbable year-round.

Human waste is a major problem here: You'll notice the smell of urine as you enter the corridor as well as a Wag bag dispenser. Please use the Wag bags or return to the trailhead bathroom. If you have to urinate, please walk much further than "around the corner" to do your business.

The corridor can become extremely crowded - a little courtesy (keeping your equipment organized and out of the way of traffic, using your indoor voices, and keeping your children, pets, and significant others under control are all greatly encouraged).

The area is subdivided into two sections (the upper and lower levels) which are separated by a pile of boulders.

Getting There

Follow the trail from the parking lot until it drops down into the lower wash. Continue walking through the wash and up and over slickrock passing several pools of water to another wash. Cross this sandy wash to another rib of slickrock. Up and over this into a narrow wash which is followed to the entrance to the lower level.

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Climbers in the Black Corridor, 5 frame HDR
[Hide Photo] Climbers in the Black Corridor, 5 frame HDR
Kevin Santos pulling the rope to make the clip<br>
Link -
[Hide Photo] Kevin Santos pulling the rope to make the clip Link -
Climbers in the Black Corridor, 5 frames HDR
[Hide Photo] Climbers in the Black Corridor, 5 frames HDR
The coolest beetle ever inside the Black Corridor!!
[Hide Photo] The coolest beetle ever inside the Black Corridor!!
Mel Rivera on "757 2x4" <br>
Link -
[Hide Photo] Mel Rivera on "757 2x4" Link -
Last route on the left before the higher level.
[Hide Photo] Last route on the left before the higher level.
Don't know the name of the route.
[Hide Photo] Don't know the name of the route.
Kevin Santos on "Rebel without a Pause" <br>
Link -
[Hide Photo] Kevin Santos on "Rebel without a Pause" Link -
Euan on a cruise
[Hide Photo] Euan on a cruise
Mel Rivera on "Bonaire" <br>
Link -
[Hide Photo] Mel Rivera on "Bonaire" Link -
Black Corridor - lower level
[Hide Photo] Black Corridor - lower level
Bolt clipping near the Corridor, photo: Bob Horan
[Hide Photo] Bolt clipping near the Corridor, photo: Bob Horan

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[Hide Comment] Most of the Corridor now has new bolts/hangers. John Wilder, Scott Massey, Dave Retzlaff, Cassondra Long, Mike Bond, and many others helped out. Many thanks! Now the rest of you, donate to the ASCA please. May 9, 2011
John Hegyes
Las Vegas, NV
[Hide Comment] The new bolts are great. Thanks a lot! Jul 14, 2011
Las Vegas, nv
[Hide Comment] Hope this helps. Map from the 2nd pullout parking lot to the entrance of Black Corridor. This is for 1 of 3 possible routes and does go around the potholes for when they are full of water.… Jul 31, 2011
Las Vegas, nv
[Hide Comment] John it is easier to take the wash. I will make sure to take that route next time and replace the map. Aug 5, 2011
Las Vegas, nv
[Hide Comment] I have sorted the routes from left to right. The routes start at the lower level left side, then to the upper level left, then to the upper level right side, then finally the right lower level. The routes go clockwise from the first route on the left around to the first route on the right.

There are a few routes in middle of the lower right area that may be out of order. Please let me know if there are any changes that need to be made.

Eric Aug 9, 2011
hasan Adil
[Hide Comment] Was there a few days ago, there's a 10c/d route, it was maybe third or fourth route on left when you enter. It has a big undercling flake w an X on it and its very fragile. It may be a good idea to break that off before it "falls on its own"/"climber steps on it" and it hits someone in the head or the belayer in the face. May 24, 2012
Henri Alexander
Dallas, TX
[Hide Comment] This area is a must for single pitch sport climbers and top-ropers alike. The rock is super solid and there are over 30 routes stacked into this narrow corridor that almost makes it look like an outdoor gym. While it can get pretty crowded, there is enough space and routes for all. Dec 3, 2014
Henderson, NV
[Hide Comment] Please don't smoke in the Corridor. Mar 18, 2015
Creed Archibald
Salt Lake City, UT
[Hide Comment] This was the most dangerous climbing I've done in Red Rock, and not because of bad bolts... because there was a party on every single climb and no matter where you sat, you were in the danger zone. Climbers were kicking down rocks and dropping quick draws. The place was nuts. I had to leave and go do long trad routes because I feared for my safety. Sep 19, 2015
[Hide Comment] Was climbing here on staurday february 11th at the end of the black corridor when we were hit by a flash flood. I had to leave two black diamond draws on the wall at the very back of the canyon, I also had a friend lose a sling with a few locking beaners on it. if you find these up here we would really appreciate getting them back. will pay for postage and buy you a beer. Thanks and enjoy.

-Sam Feb 13, 2017
[Hide Comment] A flash flood? I haven't heard that one before! Feb 13, 2017
[Hide Comment]
Flash flood
Feb 14, 2017
a Ball
Denver, CO
[Hide Comment] A total zoo on a Thursday morning in March. Is it ever quiet here? The one route we did was fun, but not worth the crowds... Apr 1, 2017
Patrick Beeson
Portland, OR
[Hide Comment] This area was terrible. Worse than the gym on a crowded evening. Small dogs without a leash, camera bros, no helmets, incessant yelling and conversations (so you can't hear your climber or belayer; I could go on. Avoid this place! Apr 3, 2019
Arch Richardson
Grand Junction
[Hide Comment] Awe come on... It's a great place. Apr 13, 2019
[Hide Comment] If you looking for a place to climb in the summer months, this is it! 15 minute approach, max. After about 2pm, the whole canyon is in the shade. Often gets a little breeze also. Plus, the routes are really good. If you can climb 5.9 or higher, this is an awesome area. There is one 5.7, but most of the routes are 5.9 and up. If you come during the week in the summer, you will likely have the whole canyon to yourself. Jun 24, 2020
Lorenzo de Amicis
Seattle, WA
[Hide Comment] Well, if you're looking for the indoor gym experience in the beautiful outdoors then look no further. A Thursday morning in March will yield zoo like crowds with endless shit show scenarios for you to bear witness. People bailing and lowering off of glue in bolts? Check! People dropping gear? Check! Terrible belaying? Check! Climbers peeing at the ends of the corridor? You better believe it!

This is by far the worst scene I've witnessed in a many years. I'm honestly surprised there were no bluetooth speakers or a keg. The climbs are pretty good and the setting is unique but the crowds make it borderline unbearable. Overall, I'm glad I experienced this crag. It really gave me a new perspective on what 'crowded' means which I will hopefully carry with me forever.

Grades: Some of the grades seemed stiff. This is possibly due to the sheer quantity of climbers traveling up these walls and the holds being worn down to a smaller version of their former selves. I also found that a lot of key holds felt rather sandy even after multiple parties went up the route which didn't inspire confidence. Most likely the sand comes from above as people climb up the route and from the ropes as climbers are being lowered. Mar 26, 2022
[Hide Comment] Haha, funny seeing this last comment. We were just climbing in La Madre North and had the place to ourselves wondering how many people were in the Black Corridor. Mar 27, 2022
Erin Summerlin
Englewood, CO
[Hide Comment] I accidentally picked up a pair of belay gloves + grigri in the black corridor the other day. I believe they belong to a man who said he was from Boulder/ or his partner who is from Reno. If these belong to you please email me at
Thanks! 4 days ago