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Red Rock

Nevada > Southern Nevada
Access Issue: Red Rock RAIN AND WET ROCK: The sandstone is fragile and is very easily damaged when wet. Details

Red Rock

Red Rock: a few thousand routes, generally warm weather, every kind climbing from short sport routes to big 20-pitch outings, nearby Las Vegas for off-rock activities. Who could ask for more?

***** RAIN AND WET ROCK ***** The sandstone in Red Rocks is fragile and is very easily damaged when it is wet. Holds rip off and climbs have been and will continue to be permanently damaged due to climbers not respecting this phenomenon. After a heavy storm the rock will remain wet, sometimes for several days. PLEASE DO NOT CLIMB IN RED ROCKS during or after rain. A good rule of thumb is that if the ground near your climb is at all damp (and not powdery dry sand), then do not climb. There are many alternatives (limestone, granite, basalt, and plastic) nearby.

If you're wondering when it last rained, displays information collected by a rain gauge located at the Red Rock visitor center. Please note that the site only aims to help climbers make informed decisions; should not be treated as the source of truth for whether climbing can or cannot be safely done!

***** HUMAN WASTE ***** Human waste is one of the major issues plaguing Red Rocks. The Las Vegas Climbers Liaison Council identified this problem years ago and has worked to provide "wag bags" free of charge in several locations (Black Velvet, First Pullout, Kraft Mtn/Bouldering, The Gallery, and The Black Corridor). These bags are designed so that you can pack your waste out - consider bringing one to be part of your kit (just like your rope and shoes and lunch) no matter where you go. Once used, please dispose of them properly (do not throw them in the toilets at the parking areas). This project was funded primarily by the American Alpine Club.

***** LATE EXIT PASSES *****

It is easy to be late returning to your car, and the tickets are expensive. All climbers should take advantage of this excellent resource. Any number of unexpected things can cause you to run late on a climb. Don't let your trip get ruined with an expensive, but avoidable, parking ticket.

Note that the scenic loop drive access is limited by the BLM and requires a fee upon entry. Schedule is as follows:
November through February 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.
March 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
April through September 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
October 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
(details at BLM link:…)

There are limits to the number of commercial use, competitive or organized group permits available as established with the Resource Management Plan and other Environmental Analysis documents. Rock Climbing Guest Permits are for one calendar year and are offered through a lottery. Applications accepted beginning June 1 and must be received by September 1 for the following year. For more information, visit the Special Recreation Permits section of the Red Rock website.

***** CAMPING *****
"Visitors may reserve single campground sites at Red Rock Canyon Campground online or by phone for visits starting in 2019.
As of January 2019, Red Rock Canyon Campsite reservations are made at, or by calling the national reservation hotline 1-877-444-677. Reservations can be made up to six months in advance but not less than 48 hours of the desired arrival date. Camping rates have not changed and are $20 per night for the standard and RV sites, $10 for the walk-to sites, and $60 for the group sites.

As of January 2019,  66 of the 80 single campsites and seven large group campsites are be available on the system for reservation. The remaining 14 single campsites are offered on a first-come first-served basis. is managed by National Recreation Reservation Service. The NRRS is a partnership between Federal Land Management Agencies to provide quality reservation services for facilities and activities on public lands. Additional information about recreation opportunities at BLM’s Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area can be found at:…

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Snowy Mt. Wilson, and Rainbow Mountain.<br>
Note the sunny Solar Slab area in Oak Creek Canyon.<br>
Taken 12/19/06
[Hide Photo] Snowy Mt. Wilson, and Rainbow Mountain. Note the sunny Solar Slab area in Oak Creek Canyon. Taken 12/19/06
Mt. Wilson on 12/15/08
[Hide Photo] Mt. Wilson on 12/15/08
Red Rock panorama. Such a great place
[Hide Photo] Red Rock panorama. Such a great place
Natural Tank-Calico Hills.<br>
Photo by Blitzo.
[Hide Photo] Natural Tank-Calico Hills. Photo by Blitzo.
Near the calico hills
[Hide Photo] Near the calico hills
Chuckwalla lizard
[Hide Photo] Chuckwalla lizard
rock art on the approach to Winter Heat Wall
[Hide Photo] rock art on the approach to Winter Heat Wall
Yeah, we're going to Red Rocks to do some climbing!
[Hide Photo] Yeah, we're going to Red Rocks to do some climbing!
Mt. Wilson during a beautiful winter day in Red Rock.
[Hide Photo] Mt. Wilson during a beautiful winter day in Red Rock.
Black Velvet Canyon
[Hide Photo] Black Velvet Canyon
Sunset over Red Rocks from the Second Pullout, October 2010.
[Hide Photo] Sunset over Red Rocks from the Second Pullout, October 2010.
Red Rocks sunset.<br>
Photo by Blitzo.
[Hide Photo] Red Rocks sunset. Photo by Blitzo.

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Bryson Slothower
Portland, OR
[Hide Comment] "Who could ask for more?"

How about some beta on the camping... Mar 23, 2006
Ron Olsen
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] Thanks for the info, Mike.

I'd like to see the main Red Rock page updated to include this info, and additional info on hotels, places to eat and buy beer, climbing shops, climbing gear, entrance fees, gate hours, etc.

An overview of the climbing areas and some climbing photos would be nice too.

See The Gunks for an example.

Also, it seems that the area is called "Red Rock", not "Red Rocks", by the locals these days. Maybe the area should be renamed. Mar 23, 2006
Bryson Slothower
Portland, OR
[Hide Comment] Great info Mike. Thanks!
more...… Mar 24, 2006
[Hide Comment] The Powerhouse Gym on W. Charleston Blvd. and Cimarron was renamed to
Red Rock Climbing Center after the change of ownership.
8201 W. Charleston Blvd.
ste. 150
Phone: 702-254-5604

Desert Rock Sports for your gear needs(in same plaza as R.R.C.C.)
Also... can offer a lot of helpful information to visiting or local climbers.

Whole Foods
10 minutes from Red Rock
8855 W Charleston Blvd
Phone: 702-254-8655

The Sunflower Market is also great if you like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods type grocery items. They have a huge selection of fruits and vegetables, wide aisles, and less crowded. Their prices seem more reasonable too.
4020 S. Rainbow Blvd
Located on the NE corner of Flamingo and S. Rainbow Blvd.
Store Hours: Monday-Sunday 7 AM - 10 PM
Phone: 702-876-4888

In same plaza as Sunflower Market:
Einstein Bagels, Starbucks,
and a French Bakery:
Bonjour Euro Bakers
(Great pastries, coffee, and sandwiches!)
Owners Stephane & Gerard
Phone: 702-889-4628

BJ's Restaurant, and Brewery as mentioned above, is popular for after climbing feasts.
On W. Charleston Blvd./215 freeway

Mar 29, 2006
[Hide Comment] Hi Folks
I'm close to completing a new guidebook to Red Rocks, (yes another one). I've got room for a few more shots and have too many of my friends already, so I'd like to get a few new faces in there. I'm looking for shots of leaders on multi pitch canyon routes in particular, but any nice shot will do. 4 mp digital is probably the minimum, I can use slides as well.
Any new route information is welcome. If its in the canyons and bolts are involved send it anonymously, so that neither I nor the BLM know who you are!. My E-Mail is Aug 5, 2006
[Hide Comment] If you are a hardcore mountain biker, you MUST take a side trip to
Bootleg Canyon in beautiful Boulder City.
Only a 30 -40 minute freeway drive from Vegas. Check it out! Sep 26, 2006
John Hegyes
Las Vegas, NV
[Hide Comment] The National Weather Service also has a weather station in Red Rock, this one is at the Visitor Center.

NWS Red Rock Nov 15, 2006
Jordan Ramey
Calgary, Alberta
[Hide Comment] Originally posted by "chris ansari"

The kind folks over at the BLM have published a bunch of data about the climbing routes within the conservation area. It has some pretty incredible photos of walls with route locations.

It is not a substitute for a guidebook, but might be a nice complement for finding routes. It's worth looking over.…

On the right side of the page is the red rock climbing inventory.
It is downloadable in sections as a pdf. Oct 18, 2007
Karsten Duncan
Sacramento, CA
[Hide Comment] There is only one guidebook to buy:
- Red Rocks A Climber's Guide
by Jerry Handren

-amazing color photos
-most routes of any guide
-climbing history
-accurate information Nov 10, 2008
Lee Jenkins
Tucson, Arizona
[Hide Comment] Yeah,

Well, re: the late exit 'policy'. This is the MOST restrictive of any public land. I got a ticket 2 days ago for $125, are you kidding me?

And we were less than 2 hours late, due to a rope stuck, rappel issue.

These are 'our lands' and we should have full access for foot travel in/out, just like the wild animals.

THIS IS JUST WRONG! Nov 10, 2008
[Hide Comment] Larry,
If you have a guide serves list, could you please add:

Mountain Skills Guides . Jay Foley and Mike Ward have been providing permitted and insured guiding services in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area of Las Vegas for over 15 years.


Mike Nov 14, 2008
[Hide Comment] based on the conversation I just had on the phone with the park they are open until 7pm that is the time that the law enforcer comes to hunt ya down. I think it is always a good idea to get the permit just in case. Shit happens when your out there.
it costs nothing to obtain a late exit permit. Mar 4, 2009
George Bell
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] I recently picked up a copy of the new Jerry Handren guide and it is excellent! My biggest complaint is the text size - it is incredibly small. I would estimate 8pt font. I think Red Rocks is getting too large for a single guidebook. The climbing naturally splits between trad and sport, and it makes sense now to have a separate guide for each. I'm sure all the sport climbers have little interest in the extra pages devoted to all the new 5.8 trad routes, and similarly us trad climbers have little interest in hard sport routes.

The only thing I see lacking in this guide is it does not address runout potential very well in many routes I am familiar with. Very rarely does one see an "R" attached to any route. Often any runouts are mentioned in the text, but I would like to see it in the rating as well. Safe sport routes are identified as such, but I am referring to trad routes. Apr 9, 2009
[Hide Comment] Red Rock Guide Book online with new routes, corrections and more -… Aug 4, 2009
Julian Smith
Colorado Springs, CO
[Hide Comment] Question about critters in Oak Creek Canyon; I was coming down through the canyon (11/5/09) and noticed there were what appeared to be large pools of urine on many of the boulders on the canyon floor. Does anyone have any idea what type of animal might have done this? I don't think it was human because I am pretty sure I was the only one in the canyon that day. I was descending from Solar Slab and was a little nervous, but don't really know what kind of critter it might have been. Many thanks for an answer. Nov 10, 2009
Laramie, WY
[Hide Comment] Hey, what are some of you red rock locals favorite link ups for a day. Somewhere in the 10 range. Lots of mileage.As much sun as possible, from wyoming though so can handle the freezing temps to. Straight forward descents since it gets dark early. Looking for some info. Will be down there for four days of climbing and would like to know what you think. Have climbed pretty extensively down there but have never done any links outside of solar slab to the eagle dance. thanks for the beta Jan 5, 2010
Curtis Olson
[Hide Comment] I am hoping someone with knowledge of Red Rocks, NV routes could provide some suggestions. I'm looking to take my son on his first wall and trying to find a reasonable wall in the area similar to Moonlight or Prodigal in Zion. In other words reasonable aid C1/C2+, 5.8/5.9, preferably hammer free, that could typically be completed in a couple days (Grade IV/V). I'm searching for alternatives to Zion because of the various wall closures there this autumn which kind of blows the calendar for us.
It's great to see all the high end free routes in the guides but very unfortunately few mentions of aid options. Guide book authers: this reader would like to see references to original ratings when possible. (e.g. 5.9/A2 old school now often only referenced as free 5.12a)
Thanks for any suggestions. Sep 19, 2010
[Hide Comment] For aid practice in Red Rocks, a good little climb is the first part of Plan F on Ragged Edges wall.…

It's steep enough and you can practice jumaring too. September is the perfect time to climb Prodigal Sun. I would say Moonlight Buttress is an easier aid climb than Prodigal Sun, but October might be better for that one. Sep 20, 2010
Darren S
Minneapolis, MN
[Hide Comment] Here is an attempt to consolidate some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Red Rock. Hope this helps you on your trip to Vegas… Dec 9, 2010
Greg Gavin
[Hide Comment] Another good addition of advice is...

If you have the slightest doubt you might be late getting back to your car simply call up the ranger line and give them your route, and car info. this has worked everytime for us in the past. have never received a bunk ticket. Dec 13, 2010
[Hide Comment] Any advice on transport from airport to RR? Flying in but need a ride out to meet up with partner. Taxis, buses, etc? My buddy can pick me up somewhere close by but doesn't want to drive to the airport during the hours I'll be arriving. Sep 28, 2011
jim schuring
[Hide Comment] we have found the easiest way to pick up a late comer at the airport is actually to jump the shuttle bus to the car rental garage and pick them up at the curb no traffic easy on/off 215 , and of coarse its a free ride Nov 24, 2011
[Hide Comment] Good job on the wag bags! These should be mandatory for all desert environments. Mar 29, 2012
Nathan Maxon
[Hide Comment] The extreme management (i.e. closing access every evening and flushing people out) of the loop seems unjustified to me - nowhere else is BLM or even NPS land so strictly controlled. Does anyone know why? Were people dumping bodies out there in the 70's? Jan 6, 2013
[Hide Comment] @nate: It is a bit extreme, but being that close to an urban area of 1.6M makes it necessary to have stronger regs, as well as not having a huge budget for rangers. Given the graffiti problem in the Calico as it is, for example, having the loop open all the time would 'probably' increase that. Ideas for a more streamlined, mobile-friendly late exit system have been discussed for awhile, but without significant public input, may never be implemented. If you have some ideas, feel free to let the BLM know. A good person to contact is Mark Spencer, Field Manager. His office is :
Red Rock/Sloan Field Office
4701 N. Torrey Pines Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89130

Or feel free to contact your local representative, and have them convey your thoughts to the NV congressmen and the BLM. Jan 7, 2013
[Hide Comment] There has been some confusion in the past, which we hope to dispel... The Las Vegas Metro Search and Rescue team DOES NOT charge for its services. We are part of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, a tax-funded public safety agency. Don't hesitate to call us if you get in trouble.

The best way to reach us is by dialling 9-1-1. An emergency operator may be able to collect GPS coordinates from your cell phone.

Please, don't hesitate. Call us if you need us. Apr 20, 2013
[Hide Comment] Regarding Accommodations and transportation. I live very close to Red Rock and rent a spare bedroom out of my house through
My guests are almost exclusively climbers and for transportation most of my them rent cars but at least a few have opted take the Red Rock Casino airport shuttle bus from the airport to casino and then walk ten minutes to my house. This may be a good option whether you stay at my place or intend to take a cab from the casino to your final destination. The shuttle is free but remember to tip the shuttle driver becuase hey, you'll be saving a $60 cab ride so you can afford a nice tip. The Shuttle normally makes its circle once every other hour but I recommend calling the bell desk at the casino to confirm times). Dec 1, 2013
Alex Aristei
[Hide Comment] Great place to eat.…
Sasa Sushi

Great Climber owned Business !!! so lets support it :) Dec 29, 2013
[Hide Comment] "Red Rock"??? Never heard of it. I have literally never heard a climber call Red Rocks "Red Rock."

Admins - you really should switch everything to Red Rocks - "Red Rock" as a title is just embarrassing Mountain Project!

In case people disagree…I present Exhibit A:

Jun 20, 2014
Doug Hemken
Madison, WI
[Hide Comment] Gee Greg, you should look more closely at some of the photo captions, above. Jun 21, 2014
William Thiry
Las Vegas
[Hide Comment] Every time I come back to Red Rock(s) I am simply awed at how terrific it is. I particularly love the long 'desert alpine' adventure climbs, but so many other options exist that you could literally climb here full-time for a decade and not tap the full potential of Red Rock(s). Given it's huge variety of excellent climbs, the generous weather, and the relatively easy access, Red Rock(s) is easily one of the best overall climbing venues in America, second perhaps only to Yosemite.

The name debate is entertaining. It was called Red Rocks for a long time, even by the locals. Only recently have some people begun calling it Red Rock - mostly because the BLM has officially named it Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area - which itself is a misnomer because it is actually not a single canyon but a series of over a dozen canyons. It doesn't matter much what you call it, just get out there and climb it.

The BLM management of the area isn't optimal for climbers, hence the limited loop road hours and limited camping. There are other camping options: either at Cottonwood Canyon off Hwy 160, or over the Spring Mountain pass down into Lovell canyon, or a bit further down into Pahrump Valley where an entire city of climbers can camp for free in the open deseert. The first option is only 15 minutes from the RR gates, Lovell Canyon about 30 minutes, and Pahrump Valley about 45 minutes. Nov 25, 2014
Weston L
[Hide Comment] Creating a false dichotomy regarding the naming convention of climbing areas is in fact esoteric and frivilous. However, being bored....I'll bite...

NPS refers to Tuolumne Meadows guessed it, Tuolumne Meadows.

NPS refers to City of Rocks National Reserve guessed it, City of Rocks

NPS refers to the section of Joshua Tree National Park (not Joshua Trees National Park) you refer to as "Wonderland of Rocks."

Texas State Parks refers to Hueco Tanks as Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site.

The only bit of a crack in naming convention is the Gunks, which abbreviates a long name for something.

FYI, the BLM's name for Red Rock Canyon from 1967-1990? Red Rock Recreation Lands. From 1990 onward? Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

But hey, clearly we all have way too much time on our hands. I understand why people make the mistake, including the guidebook authors, due to the fact that a long time ago climbers used to refer to Red Rock as the "Red Rocks of Southern Nevada." The old Urioste Guide is evidence of this.

Red Rock or Red Rocks or whatever you want to call it, is a great place to climb.

Feb 3, 2015
[Hide Comment] For those looking for a place to stay near Red Rocks, we had a great experience with Tiffany using airbnb. Her house is about a 15 minute drive out to the Red Rocks area and is reasonably priced. A great neighborhood, a beautiful house and all the amenities - a real bed, kitchen, showers, TV and wi-fi. Check it out - let her know Leslie & Paul referred you!!

Tiffany's AirBnB Mar 13, 2015
[Hide Comment] We stayed at this Airbnb place...they have three rooms available.…

Really nice hosts and having the kitchen to use was great. They also have an apartment that separate from the house with it's own kitchen.

It is about a 21 minute drive to the RRs gate. We took the summerlin highway just north of the home. It seemed to be the fastest way to go. Mar 25, 2015
Jeremy Almond
Las Vegas
[Hide Comment] What is the consensus on the loop road being a 2 lane road? Is it or is it not? How about passing people day tripping at 15-20mph?
Here we go..... Nov 9, 2015
[Hide Comment] We're pretty fond of Jacques Casual American Bistro. Not quite as close as BJ's Brewery, but quieter, climber friendly, vegetarian & carnivorous, & yummy food at a good price point, breakfast, lunch, & dinner.

Very close to the Summerlin Library, which is a fine place to spend a rest day with the internet.

Note from my partner, Susan: the food is organic and delicious and the gluten-free selection is huge!

1910 Village Center Cir #1, Las Vegas, NV 89134 Jan 16, 2016
Bryan H
Redwood CIty, CA
[Hide Comment] Just want to give a shout out for a great place to eat 3 miles south of the Reds Scenic Loop/159 intersection: the Bonnie Springs Ranch Resort. Its an old-timy western scene that has plenty of beer, excellent bison burgers, good service, and funky ambiance. Sort of like the joints outside J Tree.

Check it out:… Oct 24, 2016
[Hide Comment] Don't camp in the pullout on the road to the BLM campground. They are cracking down. Feb 1, 2017
Kevin Patterson
Wellington, New Zealand
[Hide Comment] For multipitch moderate routes it would be hard to beat Red Rock Canyon as one of the best crags in the western states of North America. In a continent dominated by high end loaded crags, where leaders jostle with each other to get on climbs they can feel safe on, RR Canyon with it's vast array of 5.5-5.9 classics provides a welcome oasis. This is an area you can bring your gf/bf/parent/kids to, there's something here for everyone. And having a climber dominated campground nearby makes it easy to find climbing partners too. May 31, 2017
William Thiry
Las Vegas
[Hide Comment] Late September thru November is generally an ideal time to climb at Red Rock: great weather (less windy than spring) and no spring break crowds. Aug 9, 2017
[Hide Comment] Just curious, has anyone heard of anyone trying to start a climbing ranch or hostel in vegas? Dec 23, 2018
[Hide Comment] Bonnie Springs Motel will not be taking reservations after Feb. 28, 2019 as they have sold it.… Jan 17, 2019
James Huang
Ford Econoline
[Hide Comment] Food beta!

The Red Rock Casino has an all you can eat buffet for $19 (after signing up for a free loyalty program). The food is good and soft drinks are included! But don’t be a sucker, liquid doesn’t compress and your stomach has valuable real estate.

Check out our site for more info!… Jan 24, 2019
Timmamok *
[Hide Comment] Red Rock Canyon Campground. Is this really still the only camping option? It's been a number of years, I had hoped there were better options like there were back in the day. Is that old overflow camp past the gypsum mine ever an option? Feb 12, 2019
[Hide Comment]
Dispersed camping options (and please see John's comment on the photo):…


Just past the The Late Night parking area and just outside of the RRCNA, there are two options:
1. Lovell Canyon Rd
Paved road, you can camp anywhere off of the *dirt roads* that you pass.
Coordinates: 2C9Q+9F Mountain Springs, Nevada

2. Mount Potosi Canyon Rd
Unpaved road, have to drive about 9 miles off this road past the BSA camp.
Coordinates: XFH7+5F Sandy Valley, Nevada

We plan on having a much improved overview in the future -- but hope this helps for now. Feb 12, 2019
Hari Rau-Murthy
Yorktown Heights, NY (go t…
[Hide Comment] I put pictures of the instructions for the main campground because I was pretty confused when I came. First let me say that there is a main campground(put into google maps "Red Rock Canyon Campground"). I came by myself(I told my friends that they could drop me off at the campground :)). You can find everything else you need in the pictures above. Mar 18, 2019
Grant Gerhard
Las Vegas, NV
[Hide Comment] Is it wet out? Should you go climb or is it 'unethical'? Well someone created this awesome resource: Mar 22, 2019
Bella Jackson
Seattle, WA
[Hide Comment] FREE CAMPING!
Visited in late March 2019 and got busted by a park ranger for camping on BLM land right off of 160 (across from S Forest St). He gave us a couple of legal options to camp:

1. Lovell Canyon Rd
Paved road, you can camp anywhere off of the dirt roads that you pass. I recommend this one, the paved road is really nice and there are plenty of options and lots of room.
Coordinates: 2C9Q+9F Mountain Springs, Nevada

2. Mount Potosi Canyon Rd
Unpaved road, have to drive about 9 miles off this road past the BSA camp.
Coordinates: XFH7+5F Sandy Valley, Nevada Apr 1, 2019
James Cho
Bellevue, WA
[Hide Comment] Airbnb rooms at $20-40 per night can be found not far outside of the park. My room was $19/night, cheaper than some campsites. Nov 27, 2019
[Hide Comment] Do not leave ANYTHING OF VALUE in your vehicle no matter where you park in Red Rocks/Calico area. Car break-ins are rampant. Lots of window smash and grab thefts. Jun 18, 2020
B Woods
Chattanooga TN
[Hide Comment] It seems that the BLM is going to start requiring a "timed entry reservation" to enter the scenic loop starting this Fall. You will have to buy a pass up to 30 days in advance and enter the park at a specific time.

More information here:… Sep 16, 2020