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Approach/Descent from top of Main Buttresses

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0.3 mi 0.5 km
736 ft 224 m
-6 ft -2 m

About half way between bridge and Moon Crazed. Steep grass ramp crosses a short boulder field leaving the road, past a few trees, heading up a steep grassy ramp towards the most prominent large pine tree on the skyline. Hiking poles are highly recommended as the walking is very steep.

The best hiking at first is on the right side of the ramp until you are almost even with the last scrubby tree/bush on the left. At that point transition towards the left side, but leave some room from the edge, as the very best walking is also crumbling over the edge of the cliff (ie. the fast way down to the road). About half way up to the huge pine tree, the single pitch slab with Solar Wind is on the right side of the grassy ramp.

Continue up the ramp past the pine tree until you reach a large cherry tree. At the cherry tree, the ramp makes a right turn--at this point it's heading straight up the hill. The easiest route is to go up over the large talus left of the cherry tree.