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Approach to Castle Rock

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1.0 mi 1.7 km
183 ft 56 m
-227 ft -69 m

this secondary approach trail to Castle Rock is an easier way to approach the milder climbs. The original approach trail follows the well groomed and maintained hiking trail that goes all the way to the top of the north side of Castle Rock. And it is a solid easy trail with a beautiful view. But, to get to the climbing (which is primarily on the south side of Castle Rock) you'll have to go through some downhill scrambling and light down-climbing through the East or West Gully in order to finally reach the easier walls. If you don't have dogs or children with you then this isn't that bad, go for the original trail. If you have dogs or children, then I would suggest using the secondary trail, which involves no scrambling. There are even a couple of cairns marking this secondary trail.