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Ra Gusela N Edges Traverse to SE arete of Nuvolau

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0.4 mi 0.7 km
344 ft 105 m
-124 ft -38 m

This is a variation on the climbing route "VF Nuvolau":

Start NNW from Ra Gusela peak (N46.4907, E12.0508) trying to stay close to the edge. Some 3rd class with dramatic one-side exposure to the west -- so choose your thrill level by how close you take it (but that rock is mostly junk). Unfortunately, it's not continuous being blocked by chasms, so after 100m you need to return to the cow path for 200m. Then you can get out on the edge/ridge for another 150m, then down to a path. Soon you reach the base (N46.4944, E12.0467) of the SE ridge of Nuvolau.

If you stay directly on the arete (not using the via ferrata cable or ladder), there are some 5.4 sequences on rock which is better than junk. It might be as much as 90 m / 300 ft long of climbing. At the summit, they serve snacks and drinks at the Rifugio Nuvolau hut (N46.4951, E12.0458).