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Approach to Casse de Prelles sector 3 Les Ressauts

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0.5 mi 0.9 km
435 ft 133 m
-7 ft -2 m

From the main parking (GPS latitude longitude approx N44.8407 E6.5769), start 50-80 meters N on a dirt road to trail sign at (N44.8411 E6.5769). Turn L onto trail and up NW 100 meters to junction with a wider trail. Next go left 220 meters SSW up gentle on wide trail to (N44.8398° E6.5750). Curve sharp right and go 130 meters zig-zag NW SW NW to reach corner at (N44.8405 E6.5740). Exit R from wide trail onto narrow trail and go 60 meters NNW with some scrambling to reach the platform at the left end of sector 3a "Ressauts inférieurs"

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