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This little area can be found down Forest Road 145, 8277 in Erskine Gulch. It was first scouted and shared with me by Chuck Mordhorst. The first line here was ascended on April 22, 2012. <em>Time to Shine, </em>V2 R can be found on the dark East facing wall. I named the line to commemorate Andrew Burr's slideshow at Crow Peak Brewery the night before. During the slideshow Burr included a little section where he would show a series of local climbers going for the first ascent on their projects. The theme phrase of this vignette was "it's your time to shine." Most of the climbers were shown falling at the crux. Considering the height of this problem, it was definitely my time to shine - if I peeled I probably would've broken a bone or two. <br> <br> The second line I did there is much more powerful/bouldery. It's just down the slope, to the left of Time to Shine. It starts low on the North facing overhang. I've decided to call this one <em>I Only Believe in Science</em> borrowed from Nacho Libre. <br> <br> Two more lines between these established problems can go in, plus a traverse across the entire North facing boulder. Many more problems await along the East facing cliffband. If you can dig shady highballs and a quiet corner away from the crowds, look no further.