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School of Rock

From noobs to crushers, there's always more you can learn.


The basics everyone should know. (14 articles)

Climbing Skills

Beginner to advanced skills for safe, efficient climbing. (26 articles)

Climbing Moves & Techniques

Tips to take your climbing up a grade. (17 articles)

Top Roping

New to climbing? Working out hard new moves? TR it! (4 articles)

Sport Climbing

Bolt clippin': low stress, high fun! (3 articles)

Trad Climbing

Pro and go. For many climbers, this is the sweet spot. (9 articles)


Low to the ground, but high in difficulty. (3 articles)

Alpine Climbing & Mountaineering

Cold nights, early starts, adventure, & marmots. (8 articles)

Ice Climbing

Sharp tools, hard ice, and cold temps. A thrill, both mental and physical. (6 articles)

Climbing Gear

What you need. How to use it. (16 articles)

Aid Climbing and Big Walls

Dreams of El Cap? There's a lot to learn. (6 articles)

Fixed Hardware: Bolting & Anchors

Technical details and instructions for bolts and other fixed hardware. (20 articles)

Injuries and Accidents

Prevent them. Escape from them. Recover from them. (14 articles)

Photography & Video

No more butt shots! (5 articles)


Climb better and stronger, with fewer injuries. (28 articles)

Today's Lesson

Staying Power: Prepare for Grueling Approaches

Do you aspire to ascend beautiful, sweeping faces like the ones in California's Sierra Nevada? Are you also put off by long, taxing approaches? You may never be as fit as Galen Rowell was, but with proper training you can build up ample strength and endurance for mountain appr...

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