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Decommissioning a belay device.
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Nov 15, 2012
25' drop...wheeeeee!
So, I have a Reverso 3 that must have encountered my nut tool or some other piece of harder metal in my pack. As a result, there are dents with sharp edges on both sides of one of the braking channels. I decided that the $30 for a new belay device is cheaper than a new rope (not to mention the value of my friends' lives) so I've replaced it, and now I'd like to destroy it to avoid accidental use.

Why am I posting this here, you may ask. Well, I have been trying to think of creative ways to destroy it. A Dremel or hack saw seems too boring. I'm looking for suggestions for how to radically decommission this piece of gear. I'll record video of the winning method and post it up. Ridiculousness and feasibility are both important considerations here.

One of my ideas involved liquid nitrogen, but I have no idea regarding availability or cost-effectiveness of that method.

Let's hear what you've got!
From Portland, OR
Joined May 5, 2011
114 points
Nov 15, 2012
enjoying the static, grappel and a smoke on Dana.....
go where some repaving is going on and toss it underneath the roller...or sledge hammer, thats always fun. erik kapec
From prescott, az
Joined Mar 3, 2010
221 points
Nov 15, 2012
Test the strength of epoxy by gluing it to a sidewalk in Boulder. Make sure to go-pro any testing. Buff Johnson
Joined Dec 19, 2005
1,504 points
Nov 15, 2012
dream canyon fun!
train tracks !!! it will smash it in to a cool shape or have a nice big fire find steal cup place in coals till red hot then drop the old device in an watch it melt.. cool thred dude Devin Fin
Joined Jan 14, 2010
3,494 points
Nov 15, 2012
Shelf Rd

Melt that bad boy

Or a blowtorch perhaps

Joined Apr 15, 2010
1,244 points
Nov 15, 2012
christmas tree ornament/wall art H..
From Washingtonville NY
Joined Apr 9, 2012
50 points
Nov 15, 2012
shoot rifle round at it, drop it off cliff onto a boulder (be careful nobody below), tape it to your bumper and run into a wall (wear a helmet), use it as passive pro and take a whipper on it, or just throw it in the trash. skeeter
From Lakewood CA
Joined Aug 15, 2012
12 points
Nov 15, 2012
Why not just file off the rough spot and save $30? Truck13
Joined Nov 11, 2011
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Nov 15, 2012
Liquid nitrogen idea is bad ass it will shatter like a light bulb. Try going to a welding supply place you can get a small canister for like 10 bucks plus a deposit on the container. jake 356
From worcester
Joined Mar 14, 2012
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Nov 15, 2012
attach it to your vehicle in the same fashion as truck nutz. besides, rock climbing is more bad ass than owning a truck. definitely dont just file down the sharp edges, no one will want to see a picture of that on MP after you do it.

From Washingtonville NY
Joined Apr 9, 2012
50 points
Nov 15, 2012
25' drop...wheeeeee!
Thanks for the responses, all!

The variation on the classic "quarter glued to the sidewalk" gag is genius! Wish I lived in a climbing town where I could actually pull this off (or, wait, the point is that it can't be pulled off, right). Maybe I'll glue it down in front of the REI.

Melting or flattening with heavy machinery is also classic.

The ornament/wall art idea is intriguing, but probably wouldn't make a very entertaining video. Hmm, maybe a hood ornament, though... Or completely ruin the thing and make a decoration out of the pieces. I like it.

I really like the rifle idea, but I think it could only really be done right with a high-speed camera. Anyone near PDX have a high speed camera and want in on this?

File it down and keep using it? Eh, like I said, I wouldn't want one of my friends to get hurt because I messed up altering my gear. Plus, destruction is more fun to watch.

...And back to liquid nitrogen. I have to say there is a special place in my heart for the stuff. Maybe even combined with one of the other recommended destruction methods. Thermal shock it to try and blow it apart? Freeze it and shoot it? Freeze it and huck it off a cliff with a helmeted cameraman at the bottom?

Wouldn't you know, the very next thing I thought of after the hood ornament idea was truck nutz. I saw a picture a while back where someone hung 2 nuts (i.e. stoppers) from their trailer hitch. I lol'd.

You all are making it so hard to decide!
From Portland, OR
Joined May 5, 2011
114 points
Nov 15, 2012
This is so simple I can't believe anyone hasn't mentioned it yet.



Joined Jul 17, 2011
10 points
Nov 15, 2012
Photo by Andrew Frongillo.
liquid nitrogen and then shoot it out of a potato canon aimed at a brick wall. TDoyle
From Milford, MA
Joined Mar 1, 2012
139 points
Nov 15, 2012
Black Boulder Problem, sent after a generous skin ...
liquid nitrogen, wtf? so I have an anthill in my driveway, anyone have any plutonium I could snag. just toss it, how many people are picking through the trash for a reverso? pound on it with a hammer if you're really worried. AdamB
From Chattanooga, TN
Joined Jul 17, 2008
1,052 points
Nov 15, 2012
on top of the RNWF June 2012
Liquid nitrogen won't shatter it. The cool shattering effect only works on stuff with a lot of water content (biological cells) or like rubber balls. Aluminum will still be really hard, maybe if you whacked the fuck out of it with a sledge, but you don't need liquid nitrogen to do that.

If you want to get rid of it throw it in the trash, or just hang it on the wall with all your other retired gear like I did when I deemed my reverso 3 too worn for safe use.
Keenan Waeschle
From Bozeman, MT
Joined Feb 8, 2010
217 points
Nov 16, 2012
Epic free solo with a pack on
Thermite!! Being aluminum it will be an intereating meltdown Ben Brotelho
From Albany, NY
Joined May 4, 2011
700 points
Nov 16, 2012
One of my first trad climbs, Ooga Chocka at Crowde...
liquid nitrogen + sledgehammer sounds pretty hard to beat. sanz
From Raleigh, NC
Joined Nov 7, 2011
279 points
Nov 16, 2012
youtu.be/xaghVWhqXHQ cfuttner
Joined Apr 27, 2012
8 points
Nov 16, 2012
Coffee after freezing our asses off near James Pea...
Toss it in the aluminum recycling bin. Stich
From Colorado Springs, Colorado
Joined Jan 1, 2001
1,533 points
Nov 16, 2012
When I was a bum at Frey
Whenever you find wet concrete in a climber town put the wire into the wet cement... Leave for other dirtbags to dry to pick up and enjoy many Lols. Medic741
From Pittsford, New York
Joined Apr 1, 2012
51 points
Nov 16, 2012
Out of all the humor posted here, oddly enough the one that got me laughing to myself just now, was this one:

"Why not just file off the rough spot and save $30?"...


Probably not meant to be humorous. But it is.
From Yucca Valley, CA
Joined Oct 13, 2002
2,409 points
Nov 17, 2012
JesseT wrote:
Sand now I'd like to destroy it to avoid accidental use.

I always thought this was a funny topic. To prevent accidental use? How about just throwing it in the trash? How many people look for climbing gear in landfills?
20 kN
From Hawaii
Joined Feb 2, 2009
782 points
Nov 17, 2012
roo, my only son, the stare that takes down a herd...
geir's belay target shoot

do a different caliber and compare results
Ben Beard
From Superior, AZ
Joined Jun 9, 2009
240 points
Nov 17, 2012
Decommission instead of destroy...

1. Mount it on the hood of your beater, aka hood ornament
2. Glue it to your woodie and brag to your friends about your new hold
3. Replace the handle to your beer fridge
4. Cut off the cable, deep freeze, then use instead of ice in a glass of scotch
5. Toss it on the Christmas tree... you know you need new ornaments
From New England
Joined Aug 19, 2009
10 points
Nov 17, 2012
build rudimentary backyard forge. charcoal for fuel, leafblower for forced air. melt it down. more science is funner tenpins
Joined Jan 29, 2007
30 points
Nov 17, 2012
The Wasteland. East Stronghold, AZ  photo by Lin M...
kinda boring compared to these other ideas, but why not just drop it in your recycle bin? rob bauer
From Golden, CO
Joined Dec 2, 2004
1,845 points

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