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Curtain Call -- First Ascent Partners at Tonnere Tower

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Bruno Haché <br /> <br /><em>The B Boys <br />Buried Treasure <br />Crackdown <br />Fine Fir <br />Generous Donation <br />Hard Times <br />Local Hero <br />Showtime <br />Sidekick <br />Stayin' Alive <br />Tag Team <br />Toe The Line <br />Total Eclipse <br />Twilight Time</em>
Bruno Haché

The B Boys
Buried Treasure
Bob D'Antonio <br /> <br /><em>The B Boys <br />Before The Deluge <br />Bobby's Back <br />Border Crossing <br />Creekside Cruise <br />Fields of Gold <br />Just Do It <br />Liquid Therapy <br />Local Hero <br />Los Pinos <br />Smooth Operator <br />Spirit on the Water <br />Storm Warning <br />Tree Line <br />The Twilight Kid <br />Workingman's Blues</em>
Bob D'Antonio

The B Boys
Before The Deluge
Mike Amato <br /> <br /><em>Clean Sweep <br />Toe The Line</em>
Mike Amato

Clean Sweep
Toe The Line
Ken Cangi <br /> <br /><em>Creekside Cruise <br />Liquid Therapy <br />Local Hero <br />Los Pinos <br />Spirit on the Water</em> <br /> <br />Photo from Ken Cangi collection, taken by Jeff Boxer.
Ken Cangi

Creekside Cruise
Liquid Therapy
Nickie Kelly <br /> <br /><em>Crackdown <br />Face Off <br />Nick of Time <br />Showtime <br />Stayin' Alive</em>
Nickie Kelly

Face Off
Nick of Time
Greg Hand <br /> <br /><em>The Twilight Kid</em>
Greg Hand

The Twilight Kid
Kelly Baldwin <br /> <br /><em>Los Pinos</em> <br /> <br />Photo by Bob D'Antonio.
Kelly Baldwin

Los Pinos

Photo by Bob D'...
Irina Overeem <br /> <br /><em>Dutch Treat</em>
Irina Overeem

Dutch Treat
Brenda Leach <br /> <br /><em>Curtain Call</em> <br /> <br />Photo by Yvonne D'Andrea.
Brenda Leach

Curtain Call

Photo by Yvon...
Yvonne D'Andrea <br /> <br /><em>Curtain Call</em> <br /> <br />Photo by Brenda Leach. <br />
Yvonne D'Andrea

Curtain Call

Photo by B...
Ron Olsen, after another day at "the office."  Photo by Ken Cangi. <br /> <br /><em>Before The Deluge <br />Bobby's Back <br />Border Crossing <br />Buried Treasure <br />Clean Sweep <br />Crackdown <br />Creekside Cruise <br />Curtain Call <br />Dutch Treat <br />Face Off <br />Fields of Gold <br />Fine Fir <br />Generous Donation <br />Hard Times <br />Just Do It <br />Liquid Therapy <br />Local Hero <br />Los Pinos <br />Nick of Time <br />Showtime <br />Sidekick <br />Smooth Operator <br />Spirit on the Water <br />Stayin' Alive <br />Storm Warning <br />Tag Team <br />Toe The Line <br />Total Eclipse <br />Tree Line <br />The Twilight Kid <br />Twilight Time <br />Workingman's Blues</em>
Ron Olsen, after another day at "the office." Pho...